Thurso 0 v Halkirk United 2 – NCL – 1.4.17

Final League match of the season ends in a 2-0 defeat at home to Halkirk United. Plenty of positives to be taken from the season. Young Caithness talent getting a chance at NCFA level such as , , &  and many more.

Team sheets here

Subs used were – 55mins Darryn Mckay on for allan Munro , 60 mins Ryan Begg on for Stevie Morris , 65 mins , jack fiddler on for Conor trueman , 70 mins Martin Ross on for Conor cormack .

Thurso 1 v St.Duthus 2 – Jock Mackay Cup Semi-Final – 25.3.17

Jock Mackay Cup Semi-Final – Thurso 1 v St.Duthus 2. Martin Ross scored for The Vikings. Photos from James Gunn here and a Youtube video from Darren Manson here.

TFC Line-up – Asa Sinclair, Luke Manson (Alan Munro 75), Kerr Mackay (bkd 88, s/o 90), Steven Sinclair (bkd 87), Conor Trueman (Jack Fiddler 71), Jack McKechnie, Innes Mackintosh (Martin Ross 54), Michael Petrie, Steven Morris (Adam Reid 54), James McLean, Conor Cormack. Kerr Mackay sent off for Thurso.

Next Match – Thurso vs Halkirk United on Saturday 1st of April – KO 2pm at The Dammies.

Invergordon 1 v Thurso 0 – NCL – 18.3.17

Invergordon 1 v Thurso 0 – North Caledonian League.

Invergordon crowned Champions for season 2017.  Match photos from Mackie The Staggie – Scott MacDonald.

Thurso FC Line-up – Asa Sinclair, Luke Manson, Kerr Mackay, Innes Macintosh, Jack McKechnie, Conor Trueman, Conor Cormack, Michael Petrie, Stevie Morris, James Maclean and Martin Ross.

Subs Used – Jack Fiddler on for Martin Ross, Conor Macleod on for Jack McKechnie, Aaron Manson on for Innes MacIntosh, Dean Cowie on for Stevie Morris and Dean Fraser on for Conor Cormack.

Next match is at home to St.Duthus in the Jock Mackay Cup Semi-final on Saturday 25th of March at The Dammies with a 1.30 p.m kick-off

Thurso 2 v Alness United 0 – NCL – 11.3.17

North Caledonian League Full-time score – Thurso 2 v Alness United 0. Vikings goals from Michael Petrie (24) and Stevie Morris (69). Video from Darren Manson of Picture House Cinema here. Photos from James Gunn here. Updated NCFA League table here 

TFC Line-up – Asa Sinclair, Allan Munro, Kerr Mackay, Aiden Reid, Steven Sinclair, Jack Mackechnie, Michael Petrie, Conor Trueman, Innes Macintosh, James Maclean, Stevie Morris

Subs – Chris Wann for Trueman 55, Jack Fidler for Mckechnie 65, Connor Macintosh for Munro 78.

Next match is in the North Caledonian League away to league leaders Invergordon on Saturday 18th of March with a 2 p.m kick-off

Thurso FC Top scorers – up to 11.3.17

(h) Stevie Morris – 10
James Murray – 7
Nigel MacKenzie – 3
Aiden Reid – 2
Michael Petrie – 2
Korbyn Cameron – 2
James MacLean – 1
(p) Marc Begg – 1
Conor Cormack – 1
Innes MacIntosh – 1
James MacIntosh – 1

Invergordon 1 v Thurso 2 – Jock Mackay Cup QF – 4.3.17

Full-time score – Invergordon 1 v Thurso 2 – Jock Mackay Cup Quarter Final. Both Vikings goals from Stevie Morris.

Thurso FC line up – Asa Sinclair , Luke Manson , Kerr mackay , Steven Sinclair , Aidan Reid , Jack mckecknie , Nigel Mackenzie , Michael Petrie , Stevie Morris , james McLean , Conor cormack , subs marc begg , Korbyn Cameron , Conor Macintosh . Marc on for james McLean on 60 , Korbyn on for Stevie Morris 70 Conor Macintosh unused

Vikings now play either St.Duthus or Alness United in the semi-finals.

Next match – Thurso vs Alness United on Saturday 11th of March in The North Caledonian League with a 1.00 p.m kick-off at The Dammies


St.Duthus 1 v Thurso 2 – NCL – 25.2.17

St.Duthus  1 v Thurso 2 – North Caledonian League. Goalscorers – James MacLean (35) and Conor Cormack (47). Photos from Jenn Mackay here. Match report here from St.Duthus FC website.

Vikings Line-up – Asa Sinclair, Chris Wann, Kerr Mackay, Steven Sinclair, Aidan Reid, Jack Fidler (James Murray 80), Nigel Mackenzie, Michael Petrie (Jack McKechnie 53), Steven Morris (Marc Begg 67), James McLean, Conor Cormack (Innes Macintosh 90)

Next match is on Saturday 4th of March away to Invergordon in The Jock Mackay Cup Quarter Final with a 1.30 p.m kick-off

Remaining Thurso FC Fixtures – Season 2016/17

Sat 25th February 2017

St.Duthus vs Thurso – KO 2pm

Sat 4th March 2017
Jock MacKay Cup – Quarter Finals

Invergordon vs Thurso – KO 1.30pm

Sat 11th March 2017

Thurso vs Alness United – KO 2pm

Sat 18th March 2017 

Invergordon vs Thurso – KO 2pm

Sat 25th March 2017
Jock MacKay Cup – Semi- Final

Invergordon/Thurso vs St.Duthus/Alness

Sat 1st April 2017

Thurso vs Halkirk – KO 2pm

Sat 8th April 2017 – Jock MacKay Cup Final

Thurso 6 v Inverness Ath 1 – NCL – 18.2.17

North Caledonian League – Thurso 6 v Inverness Ath 1. Vikings goals from Stevie Morris (4), Nigel MacKenzie and Michael Petrie.

Thurso FC Line-up – Asa Sinclair, Allan Munro, Luke Manson, Steven Sinclair, Aidan Reid, Jack Fidler, James Maclean, Michael Petrie, Steven Morris, Conor Cormack and Nigel, Subs Used – James Murray, Jack Mackechnie, Connor Macintosh, Conor Trueman. Not Used – Kerr Mackay

Photos from yesterday’s 6-1 win v Inverness Athletic at The Dammies – from James Gunn here 

Next match – St.Duthus v Thurso in The North Caledonian League on Saturday 25th of February with a 1.30 p.m kick-off at Links Playing Fields, Tain

Thurso 2 v Nairn County Under-20’s 1 – JM Cup 1st Round – 4.2.17

Thurso 2 v Nairn County Under-20’s 1 in The Jock Mackay Memorial Cup 1st Round. Vikings goals from Nigel Mackenzie (2)

Vikings Line-up – Asa sinclair, Chris Wann, Kerr mackay, Steven Sinclair, Alan Munro, Conor Trueman, Nigel mackenzie, Michael Petrie, Stevie Morris, James Murray and Conor cormack. Subs – James Murray and Conor Cormack off Martin Ross and Jack McKechnie on half-time plus Innes macintosh on Steven Morris off

Photo taken by Mark Boulton

Next match – A Caithness Derby at home to Halkirk United in The North Caledonian League on Saturday 11th of February 2017 with a 1.30 p.m kick-off at The Dammies