Thurso 4 v Vikings veterans 1 – 20th Anniversaray match – 6.4.19

Final score in the 20th Anniversary match – Thurso 4 v Vikings Veterans 1. Thurso goals from Conor Cormack, Sean Munro, Michael Petrie and Innes Mackintosh. Nigel Mackenzie scored a penalty for the Veterans in the first half. Video from Darren Manson of Picture House Cinema, Thurso here

Photos from James Gunn photography here

Thurso squad from – 1. Asa Sinclair, 16. Innes MacIntosh, 5. Benn Murray, 7. Martin Sutherland, 9. Sean Munro, 15. Connor Mackintosh, 8. Michael Petrie, 10. Luke Manson, 11. Andy Mackay, 17. Murray Macintosh, 2. Lewis McKechnie, 16. Conor Trueman, 12. Conor Cormack and Charlie Fraser.

Vikings veterans squad from – 1 Michael Gray, 2 Jamie Mackenzie, 3 Ewan Scott, 4 Stewart Ross, 16 Nigel Mackenzie, 15 Willie Inrig, 14 Shaun Forbes, 8 Darryn Mackay, 10 James Murray, 11 Ross Sutherland, 12 A. Hood, Steven Sinclair, Allan Sutherland and 5 Stevie Reid

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