Fixtures 2018/19

NCFA Fixtures 2018-19

Sat 1st Sept 2018
Golspie Sutherland 3 v Bunillidh Thistle 0
Invergordon 3 v Inverness Athletic 0
Orkney 2 v Thurso 2
Football Times Cup – 1st Round
Nairn County U20’s 3 vs St.Duthus 3 (Nairn won 4-3 on pens)

Sat 8th Sept 2018

Invergordon 5 v St.Duthus 2

Football Times Cup – 1st Round
Bunillidh Thistle 0 vs Thurso 5
Golspie Sutherland 3 vs Inverness Athletic 1
Orkney 3 vs Halkirk United 1

Sat 15th Sept 2018
Alness United 2 vs St.Duthus 0
Invergordon 5 vs Bunillidh Thistle 0
Inverness Athletic 2 vs Halkirk United 1
Thurso 0 vs Golspie Sutherland 2

Sat 22 Sept 2018
Football Times Cup – Quarter Finals
Golspie 2 vs Nairn Under-20’s 1
Shetland vs Lewis & Harris OFF (Shetland withdrew, Lewis & Harris bye to next round)
Invergordon 1 vs Alness United 2
Thurso 5 vs Orkney 2


St.Duthus 0 vs Inverness Ath 3

Sat 29th Sept 2018
Alness United 3 vs Thurso 1
Bunillidh Thistle 0 vs Inverness Athletic 3
Halkirk United 0 vs Golspie Sutherland 6
St.Duthus 2 vs Orkney 3

Sat 6th Oct 2018
League Games

Bunillidh Thistle 6 vs St.Duthus 4

Inverness Ath 1 v Orkney 2

Halkirk 0 v Invergordon 4

Football Times Cup – Semi Finals
Golspie 4 vs Lewis & Harris 0
Alness United 5 vs Thurso 1

Sat 13th Oct 2018
Bunillidh Thistle 2 vs Alness United 7
Halkirk United 0 vs Orkney 3
Invergordon 0 vs Golspie Sutherland 2
St.Duthus 4 vs Thurso 4

Saturday 20th October 2018

Football Times Cup Final:

Golspie Sutherland vs Alness United – KO 2pm, Couper Park, Helmsdale.

Macleod & MacCallum League Games:

Invergordon vs Orkney – KO 12.45pm

Thurso vs Inverness Athletic – KO 2.30pm

Sat 27th Oct 2018
Alness United vs Invergordon
Golspie Sutherland vs Inverness Athletic
Orkney vs Bunillidh Thistle
St.Duthus vs Halkirk United

Sat 3rd Nov 2018
Bunillidh Thistle vs Halkirk United
Golspie Sutherland vs Orkney
Inverness Athletic vs St.Duthus
Thurso vs Invergordon

North Caledonian Cup – 1st Round
Nairn County U20’s vs Alness United

Sat 10th Nov 2018
Invergordon vs Halkirk United
Orkney vs Alness United
St.Duthus vs Golspie Sutherland

Sat 17th Nov 2018
North Caledonian Cup – Quarter Final
Nairn/Alness vs St.Duthus
Golspie Sutherland vs Bunillidh Thistle
Inverness Athletic vs Invergordon
Thurso vs Halkirk United

Sat 24th Nov 2018
Bunillidh Thistle vs Golspie Sutherland
Alness United vs Halkirk United
Invergordon vs Inverness Athletic
Thurso vs Orkney

Sat 1st Dec 2018
North Caley Cup Semi-Finals
2 League Games TBA

Sat 8th Dec 2018
Golspie Sutherland vs Halkirk United
Inverness Athletic vs Bunillidh Thistle
Orkney vs St.Duthus
Thurso vs Alness United

Sat 15th Dec 2018
To be used for any postponed cup or league games

Sat 22nd Dec 2018 – FREE WEEK
Sat 29th Dec 2018 – 4 League games TBA

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