Thurso FC History

Below is a selection of newspaper cuttings from some of the main events in the short history of Thurso Football Club, formed in 1998 plus some pictures of players past and present. Click on "Results Archive" to see the results and some match reports of every game Thurso F.C have played since formation in 1998.

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Thurso F.C - League Champions - Season 1999/2000

Thurso F.C Manager Alistair Budge receives the League Championship Trophy

Stuart Sutherland in action during Thurso 8-1 win at home to Bonar Bridge in November 2000

Gavin Bremner in action against Halkirk in March 2001

Kevin Morris in action at The Dammies during the game we won the championship on the 15th of April 2000

Youngster Gary Manson in action during our 6-0 win against Halkirk in The Football Times Cup in April 2001

Lee MacDougall celebrates during our 3-0 win away to Bonar Bridge in February 2001

Johnny Makhouli in action against Halkirk at The Dammies during our 1-1 draw in the local Derby in March 2001

Lee MacDougall shooting during our 6-0 win away to Halkirk in The Football Times Cup in April 2001

Lee MacDougall scoring his hat-trick against Bonar Bridge during our 8-1 win in November 2000

Lee MacDougall in action against Halkirk United's Graham Gunn in the 1-1 draw at The Dammies in March 2001

Willie Steven in action during our 3-0 win over Bonar Bridge in February 2001

Thurso F.C team who won The Jim Holliday (Millenium) Cup after our 2-1 win at Halkirk in April 2000. The match was also a second round Morris Newton cup tie

Thurso F.C team who won The PCT Cup after our 2-1 win against Alness United in Golspie during the 2001/2002 season