Dear Future Member

Thurso F.C. are looking for more members to join our fund-raiser. 100 members will be contributing £5/Week (£21.66/Month) to a new Daily Draw.

There will only ever be a maximum of 100 members, so everyone will have a 1 in 100 chance of winning £40.

Thatís a 1 in 100 chance every day of the year

£40/Day - £280/Week - £14,600/Year

In these hard times £5/Week may seem a lot of money, but it is only 72p/day with a 1 in 100 chance of growing that to £40.

If you want to join then contact a committee member (see below) or click here for the Standing Order Mandate Form to print and send to us

Or contact committee member Brian Hutcheon

When your mandate form has been returned to us, you will be issued with a Thurso FC 100 Club membership number.

All members will receive an email at the end of every month shortly after the draw with a list of winners. The draw is normally made at a Thurso FC home match or in The Comm, Princes Street, Thurso.

Thank You for your participation and support for Thurso F.C. The BEST OF LUCK to all in the many Daily Draws that lie ahead.

Kind Regards

Gary Leonard

Thurso FC Chairman